TestWise Community Ed. switch to Chrome browser

By zhimin.

There is no built-in support for Selenium WebDriver from Firefox 47+,  you need GeckoDriver. Installation of GeckoDriver is the same as ChromeDriver.  We received several enquires on TestWise no longer works with Firefox 47+.   The solution is to download the working version of GeckoDriver and put it in the PATH. 

GeckoDriver is still in beta, and we had issues with one version works on Firefox 47 but not 48. To avoid the hassles for TestWiser Community Edition users, We switched the default (and only) browser to Chrome. This makes sense too, as Chrome is the most used browser and the convenience of built-in support for Firefox no longer exists. 

Download TestWise Community Edition.

TestWise pricing changes

By zhimin.

TestWise, the next-generation functional testing tool, now starts from US $25 per month (and $15/month for renewals). Get your own TestWise today!

Product License Price
TestWise Personal License

US $300 first year

US $240 on 2nd year
US $160 on 3rd year onwards
Bonus one eBook
TestWise Floating License

US $600 first year

US $480 on 2nd year
US $320 on 3rd year onwards
Bonus two eBooks

You may choose your own eBook at the support site: https://agileway.net

Why David Thomas says "Agile is Dead"

By zhimin.

David Thomas, one of Agile Manifesto author, publishd this article Time to kill Agile. He suggested: "So I think it is time to retire the word 'Agile.'". In this recent interview, David Thomas, says This is all to do with the fact that "agile" has become meaningless."

This surely upsets many agile coaches, who makes money with the word 'Agile'. There are surely a few of them are really good and know what they are talking about, but most are not. Let's put it in test, try to answer questions below:

  • How often do your project release your software?
  • How do you honestly think customers' confidence on the product?
  • How do you do regression testing?

The objective of Agile, if my still use this word, is to release software frequently to product with high quality. I think the reason that Agile word lost the meaning due to it does not quantify the "frequently" and "high quality".

  • High Quality: every release must pass full automated regression tests
  • Frequently: multiple times a day to production, yes, in a matter of hours.

Sound impossible? Facebook release twices a day, is Facebook doing Agile? Comparing to Facebook, how are you doing Agile? Have a look at the Facebook's test lab:


Practical Web Test Automation 2nd edition

By zhimin.

I started writing Practical Web Test Automation (PWTA) book in early 2011. The situation was different.

  • IE has over 60% browser market (Chrome was just released)
  • Selenium WebDriver wasn't not released yet

Now Chrome dominates in browsers and Selenium WebDriver dominates web testing, no questions about it. The first editions of PWTA uses RWebSpec, an extension of Watir. In later revisions, I added a chapter for Selenium WebDriver.

For the second edition, I changed sample projects to Selenium WebDriver, as a result, a large percentage of screenshots and test scripts updated. But the essence of the book: maintainble test design and test refactoring remains. I even added more examples of applying these techniques to Watir, RWebSpec and Capybara.

The print version of 2nd edition shall be available next month. If you already purchased the 1st edition of Leanpub ebook, you can get this update free.

TestWise 5 is released

By zhimin.

I am happy to announce that TestWise 5 is released. One key feature of TestWise 5 is that users now have the flexibility to use any Gems in your test scripts with the full control of managing gems

Select menu 'Tools' -> 'Show Ruby Gems' or

Debug test cases while running a continuous testing build

By zhimin.

During a continuous testing build, which runs all your regression tests in continuous testing server such as BuildWise, it is a good idea to start debugging failed test cases as soon as they are defected. For example

If you are using…

Run TestWise Mac on El Capitan

By zhimin.

TestWise Mac requires Ruby 1.8. Apple did not include Ruby 1.8 from OS X El Capitan (since Yoesmite).   Furthermore, Apple introduced rootless mode (also known as System Integrity Protection) by default, which prevent you from change…