Debug test cases while running a continuous testing build

By Zhimin Zhan.

During a continuous testing build, which runs all your regression tests in continuous testing server such as BuildWise, it is a good idea to start debugging failed test cases as soon as they are defected. For example

If you are using…

Run TestWise Mac on El Capitan

By Zhimin Zhan.

TestWise Mac requires Ruby 1.8. Apple did not include Ruby 1.8 from OS X El Capitan (since Yoesmite).   Furthermore, Apple introduced rootless mode (also known as System Integrity Protection) by default, which prevent you from change…

Responding help seeking requests

By Zhimin Zhan.

Now and then (sometimes a lot), people contact me seeking help on test automation problems, such as

  • I want to test ..., but got error, can you have a look my attached test script
  • My test script works on Chrome, but not firefox

Run Selenium WebDriver tests against new Edge browser in TestWise

By Zhimin Zhan.

Windows 10 is out, this time, with new Edge browser to replace IE. Yes, Microsoft will provide WebDriver support for Edge, it is called Microsoft WebDriver.  For testers who can't wait, you can try out in TestWise v4.3 with experimental Edge support (bundled selenium-webdriver 2.47.1). 

Just change the driver type to :edge

@driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for(:edge)

Yes,  I think TestWise looks better in Windows 10 with thin borders.

Import JIRA story and description into test case in TestWise

By Zhimin Zhan.

When a tester starts working on a new test task, the very first thing is to get to know the requirement (or User Story). This post shows how to import a user story from JIRA  (widely used in project as the agile project management tool) into

FaceBook UI Test Automation (Selenium WebDriver) + CI

By Zhimin Zhan.

Today I found an excellent presentation  (YouTube linkon How Facebook do CI from F8 (Facebook Developer Conference), starting from 31". Katie Coons, software engineer at Facebook, says:

"No.1 goal of CI at Facebook is developer efficiency"

"The system must provide frequent feedback to developers. Because the sooner we let them know about a problem, the easier and faster it is for them to fix it"

Over a quarter of a million automated test execution for ClinicWise

By Zhimin Zhan.

Several years ago at a conference, when I showed a stats of 200K+ test executions for a government project I led, I could sense doubts from audience.  This week, the number of test executions conducted against my own application  ClinicWise exceeds a quarter of a million. 


This is achieved with the tools (TestWise, BuildWise Server + BuildWise Agent) and practices I covered in my book: "Practical Web Test Automation".  And development and testing are all done in my spare time. 

As the graph below shows, the number of automated tests grows with the development. People who had attempts with test automation will know, rare projects can achieve this.


The following graph shows automate testing keeps defect defects very early (typically within 10 minutes of checkin). To ClinicWise customers, the software is solid and nearly defect-free, at frequent (daily) deployments. 

Every full build will run all UI test cases. The overall test execution time is dramatically reduced by distributing to multiple BuildWise agents to run in parallel. 

Without these automated tests, ClinicWise simply won't be possible.

Why non-selenium test automation frameworks/tools will die?

By Zhimin Zhan.

There are still commercial testing tool vendors trying to get you to purchase their expensive record-n-playback tools, but in my opinion, their days are numbered, Selenium WebDriver (or equivalent) is the way to go in the domain of testing web applications. Here are some hard facts:

  • WebDriver is a W3C standard WebDriver API is a standard at W3C, the organization behind WWW.
  • Support for Cross Browser Testing

    Nowadays testing web applications on IE is not enough, as Chrome and Firefox are also the main stream browsers.

    Google and Mozilla have been supporting Selenium WebDriver for a long time, and looks like Microsoft finally on board by releasing IE WebDriver Tool for Internet Explorer 11. The chances for a proprietary testing from one commerical testing tool to get support from Mozilla, Google and Microsoftwre is very slim.

  • Support for multi-platforms

    There are increasing number of IT professionals using Mac, and some want to run tests in free OSs such as Linux.

  • Job Ads

    The demand for Selenium has already been reflect in the number of job ads. Based on Indeed's job trend, Selenium has overtaken QTP (regarded as the long-time leading automated testing tool) in 2012. Since then, the number of QTP jobs nosedived.

    The Facts:

    Selenium: 169

    QTP: 43

    UFT: 8