Continuous Testing Server with Functional UI test execution in parallel

Version 2.0.9

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1.4MB   2017-08-05

BuildWise Server v2.0.9

BuildWise is a lightweight and easy-to-use Continuous Testing Server. BuildWise stands out other CI servers with dedicated support for automated functional testing via UI, an important step often neglected in CI. The Dynamic Build Process supported in BuildWise provides team members early and quick feedback on test execution.

According to Martin Fowler's original Continuous Integration paper, people often talk about CI but rarely do it. While BuildWise is free and open-source, only distinguished software professionals who meet any one of criteria below can access:

27MB   2017-09-09

BuildWise Agent v2.0.3

BuildWise can distribute automated UI tests (in RSpec or Cucumber) to multiple machines to execute in parallel to achieve maximum efficiency. BuildWise Agent is the tool to execute tests (allocated from BuildWise Server ) in individual machines.

BuildWise Agent also includes Popup Handler to handle popup windows during test execution, Popup Handler is free to use.

Previous releases: 1.9.2