TestWise IDE

Next Generation Functional Testing Tool

Version 4.14.2
Windows 7+


TestWise Professional Edition 4.14.2

TestWise 4's unique "run selected test steps against the current browser" feature boosts efficiency greatly.

Release Notes | Documentation | Previous version 4.13.14

Check out Zhimin Zhan's eBook: Practical Web Test Automation

If you like TestWise for more frameworks in more languages such as RSpec, Cucumber, PyTest and Mocha,  but lack attach-execution-to-browser, try TestWise 6 (currently in Alpha).


TestWise Recorder 0.5

TestWise Recorder is a Chrome extension, which records your operations into executable Selenium-WebDriver and Watir test scripts while you navigates through your web application in Chrome.

363KB   2018-10-28

RubyShell v8.0 and v7.3.9

One click Ruby Windows installer, just single installation to enable you running automated acceptance tests from command line, easy integration with your continuous build server. RubyShell is also a one-click Ruby on Rails installer for Windows.