TestWise IDE

Next Generation Functional Testing Tool

Version 6.0b1
Windows 7+


TestWise v6 -

TestWise v6 is a total rewrite to support more frameworks and more languages:

Driver Frameworks

  • Selenium-WebDriver
  • Appium (Desktop)
  • Watir

Syntax Frameworks

  • RSpec Our favourite
  • Python UnitTest or PyTest
  • Cucumber (experimental)
  • JavaScript-Mocha (experimental)

TestWise v6 is mucher quicker and responsive, and better looking (supporting Retina Display).

Windows Version (64-bit Windows 10)
  • If you get missing DLL errors, install Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime Library - vc-redist.x64.exe
  • Configure the language by adding its path to "TestWise Settings" => "Execution" => "Test Execution Path"
    • Ruby: RubyInstaller for Windows (suggest with DevKit), then add its bin direcotry, e.g. C:\Ruby264\bin to TestWise settings.
      Or simply downloads the Ruby Edition, which comes with Ruby.
    • NodeJS: e.g. C:\Program Files\nodejs
    • Python: e.g. C:\Users\CIO\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37-32
Mac Version

    Currently the beta version app is not signed, won't launch on macOS Sierra, here is a simple workaround.

Release Notes

TestWise Recorder 0.5

TestWise Recorder is a Chrome extension, which records your operations into executable Selenium-WebDriver and Watir test scripts while you navigates through your web application in Chrome.

363KB   2018-10-28