TestWisely - Next Gen Fast & Reliable Cloud Testing

based on international award winning BuildWise CT server.

Our Plans - Simple and Affordable Pricing

TestWisely is ready for production use, to execute your E2E test suite. You can check it out now. Currently TestWisely platform is limited to AgileWay customers, e.g. Coaching or Test Script Creation Services.


$ 0 / month

  • 1 shared CT server
  • Time Limited
  • Shared or
    BYO build agents
    • Limit to 36 hours use
    • Subject to availability
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$ 25 / month

  • max 1 CT server
  • 60c per server/hour
  • 40c per agent/hour
    • Dedicated servers
    • Max 5 build agents
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$ 50 / month

  • max 2 CT servers
  • 45c per server/hour
  • 30c per agent/hour
    • Dedicated servers
    • Max 25 build agents
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$ 100 / month

  • max 5 CT servers
  • 30c per server/hour
  • 20c per agent/hour
    • Dedicated servers
    • Max 100 build agents
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Max charge 6 hours per server/day, Max charge 20 days per server/month;
Monthly fee will be credit for servers & agents.

How does billing work?

Which plan should I choose?

Depends on your needs (see the above), we recommend starting with FREE and work your way up. Commonly, the required Buid Agent (VU) count is over-estimated.

How does per server/agent billing work?

The serivce fee is based on the number of the servers and build agents (VUs) you engaged in testing, billed by hour. The maximum 6 hours for one day (UTC timezone).

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all kinds of credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

How payment will be charged?

All services are billed automatically at the end of the month. You can view the estimated fee of current month at any time under Billing page.

Can I switch plan within a month?

Absolutely. Plan upgrades will be effective immediately; Plan downgrades will be effective in the next month. The monthly service fee is decided on the highest plan.

Why needs a plan?

To form a parallel testing lab requires a lot resources on a IAAS platform (e.g. AWS or Vultr). We suggest our customers to only acquire resources that realistic needs.

Can I acculmate unused credit?

No. The credit is only for the current month.

What are limitations of the free Plan?

After 36 hours, the server/agent machines will be recycled for other users on the free plan.