webdriver-selenium support in TestWise2

By mark

Back to 2010-07, the first pre-release of TestWise2 supports upcoming webdriver-selnium (or known as Selenium2) via watir-webdriver. To help TestWise users to migrating existing RWebSpec test scripts over with no or little changes, and same time being more flexible, TestWise2 will introduce rwebspec-webdriver gem, let me illustrate with an example:

To use RWebSpec with Watir, in your test_helper.rb

  require 'rwebspec'

Now if you want to switch to RWebSpec with Webdriver-Selemnium, just change the line in test_helper to:

  require 'rwebspec-webdriver'

Try latest TestWise2 pre-release: TestWise-2.0b1-setup.exe
(please note: selenium-webdriver is still under development)

As always, RWebSpec gives the flexibility to mix with underlying framework, i.e, you can develop and run plain webdriver-selenium or watir test scripts directly in TestWise2.

Also change the test framework in the project settings in TestWise2.