TestWise Community 3 supports Selenium-WebDriver

By mark

A couple of days ago, a contract tester, who is approaching to the end of his contract, told me that he registered a QTP course in the hope of helping him with job hunting. I asked him why not learn Selenium. When I showed him the job stats (see below), he was very surprised: Selenium is leading the testing skills in terms of job demand for software testers.

Skills Job Ads (US: dice.com) Job Ads (AUS: seek.com.au)
Selenium 716 127
QTP 612 64
Watir 72 1
Cucumber 130 62

Sources: Dice.com, Seek.com.au, Date: 2012-06-07

Although I didn't have the stats of last year handy to show you, I can assure you that QTP was slightly ahead of Selenium.

I am pleased to announce that TestWise Community Edition v3 is available to download, and the highlight of this release: the community edition now supports Selenium-WebDriver. You have no excuses not to learn Selenium now.

TestWise community edition is free for personal use, open-source projects, charity and educational organization. You may use it at work for commercial purpose (that is, you are getting paid for the work using TestWise) under one condition: only one copy of TestWise Community Edition is allowed in a team or company. Basically the principal is: if companies or organizations are getting commercial benefits, they should purchase the Pro edition. Otherwise it is free to use.