TestWise 4 is released

By Zhimin Zhan

We are happy to announce that TestWise 4 is released, here are some highligh features:

  • RSpec 3
  • RWebSpec 6
  • New code base for faster UI operations and better version control integration
  • Experimental support for Capybara 1

Do I need to upgrade to TestWise 4?

Upgrade is recommended, but don't have to. For users who wish to continue using RSpec 2 / RWebSpec 5, please see our next blog article on how to upgrade gems (such as selenium-webdriver) in TestWise.

How do I upgrade to TestWise 4?

Depending on your license:

  • TeseWise Subscription License.
    Upgrades are always free within the subscription period. Just contact our support to get new license key.
  • TeseWise Perpetual License purchased on and after 2013-08-18.
    The upgrade is free (within one year of purchase), same as the above.
  • TeseWise Perpetual License before 2013-08-08.
    Entitled 50% discount on upgrade, contact our support and we will send a link to purchase the upgrade with discount.

Please include your original license email when contacting the support for ugprade.

Upgrade to RSpec 3

RSpec 2 RSpec 3
          xxx.should be_true
          xxx.should be_truthy
          xxx.should be_false
          xxx.should be_falsey

Upgrade to RWebSpec 6

RWebSpec 5 RWebSpec 6

specification and test_suite, which are used to group test cases (in one test script file), are now deprecated.

          specification "XXX" do
          test_suite "XXX" do

Standard RSpec's describe

          describe "XXX" do
          repeat_try, try, try_until
Depend on minitest/assertions Self-impelmented assert

Also I updated the test scripts in the books: 'Practical Web Test Automation', "Selenium Recipes in Ruby" and "Watir Recipes in Ruby" to be RSpec 3 compliant.