TestWise 3 is around the corner and change of pricing

By mark

We are excited about the coming-soon TestWise 3, some of feature highlights:

The early access version can be downloaded at 'Practical Web Test Automation'.

Along with TestWise 3, there will be also major releases for BuildWise and StoryWise, our free and open-source Continuous Integration Server and Requirement/Release management tool.

Occasionally we receive feedback from testers who love TestWise, but got frustrated: unable to get approval from the management (mostly big companies and government organizations). These managers's reasoning was "if our current testing tool cost tens of thousands didn't' work, how can this one for just $449?"

TestWise's price has not changed for 3 years since its first release (Jan 2009), we now find it necessary to make an adjustment: TestWise 3 will be priced at $1000 for named license, just enough to make it into the thousand-dollar category, which is still a small fraction of other commercial testing tools. Also we will offer one-month standard test automation and CI coaching service (worth $1000) for free, stay tuned for more information about our support and service changes. We believe this move provide better benefits to our customers and help TestWise reaching more testers in big organizations.

Rest assured for about-to-buy and existing TestWise 2 customers. Customers who purchase TestWise 2 before July 1, 2012 (basically next month) will get free upgrade of TestWise 3, existing customers who purchased TestWise after June 30, 2011 also qualify for the free upgrade.

We believe no one shall miss the fun and benefits of test automation for affordability, if you have concerns about this, please fell free to contact us. After July 1, we will still provide TestWise 2 at the current price, but without updates and free upgrades. There is no change to TestWise 2 Community Edition, which is always free for personal use or only one use permitted in a team for commercial use.