Test Automation vital to Independent Software Vendors

By mark

Many experienced software programmers's dreams are to be an Independent Software Vendors (ISV), which are evidenced by the best seller book "The 4-Hour Workweek", and "Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality".

Being an ISV, the resource is limited, most likely only you (and your loyal partner if you are lucky) are to do all, in you spare time (don't ruin your family life). Working harder is not often enough, working smarter is the key.

Months ago, My brother, a dentist and his partners opened a big dental practice. They need a medical practice system, the best quote they got was $25000. My brother told me casually that the software not stable during the trial, but no other choices. I offered: I maybe can write one for you (I never did this kind of system before). I got my first release out within a week (spare time, about 20 working hours) for feedback, and in production within one month. Now they have been using it with satisfaction for 6 months. Just last week, one fellow dentist visited my brother practice and saw the system, he showed great interest and wanted to adopt it.

How? (My brother and I located are in different countries) the secret: test automation. To get their feedback, during the peak time, I released a new version pretty much each night. The automated tests prevent me from making mistakes. Seeing is believing.

  • TestWise test case stats
  • BuildWise CI build report (28 mins with database reset, that's quite a lot of tests)
  • StoryWise requirement coverage
I have two friends who built a very nice web application. During one discussion, they shared their slight concerns on observing more competitions, which is inevitable (Web applications means global competition). I said: "Keep improving your app. Don't worry until one of your competitor discovers TestWise."