Responding help seeking requests

By Zhimin Zhan

Now and then (sometimes a lot), people contact me seeking help on test automation problems, such as

  • I want to test ..., but got error, can you have a look my attached test script...
  • My test script works on Chrome, but not firefox
  • I set up BuildWise standalone, how to set up test execution in parallel? 

As I am a test automation coach at AgileWay, which offer top-class commercial test consultation services, I am not in a position to help unless you are working for charity organisations. I understand the frustrations, I have been through that.  Purchasing (right and trusty) tools and services, if you can, is alway a better time-saving option. If not, researching books, online resources or stackoverflow are good options (I did a lot).  That's why I wrote these books:

in a hope that can be of some help to you. You are free to contact me for specific recipes in the books. Test automation is great fun and offer tremendous value to software projects, I sincerely wish your success!

For TestWise customers only, we offer free complimentary support: we answer test script questions if you replicate the scenario on our ClinicWise SandBox site and send us the test script.