Over a quarter of a million automated test execution for ClinicWise

By Zhimin Zhan

Several years ago at a conference, when I showed a stats of 200K+ test executions for a government project I led, I could sense doubts from audience.  This week, the number of test executions conducted against my own application  ClinicWise exceeds a quarter of a million. 


This is achieved with the tools (TestWise, BuildWise Server + BuildWise Agent) and practices I covered in my book: "Practical Web Test Automation".  And development and testing are all done in my spare time. 

As the graph below shows, the number of automated tests grows with the development. People who had attempts with test automation will know, rare projects can achieve this.


The following graph shows automate testing keeps defect defects very early (typically within 10 minutes of checkin). To ClinicWise customers, the software is solid and nearly defect-free, at frequent (daily) deployments. 

Every full build will run all UI test cases. The overall test execution time is dramatically reduced by distributing to multiple BuildWise agents to run in parallel. 

Without these automated tests, ClinicWise simply won't be possible.