One less technology to worry about: Microsoft dumps Sliverlight

By mark

Today I came to this news: Windows SkyDrive Says Sayonara (Goodbye in Japanese) to Sliverlight, Embraces HTML 5. The rumor has been around for while (see this: Microsoft is Starting to Dump Silverlight, Phased Out of Microsoft Services). Now it sounds like poor Sliverlight is being dumped by its parent.

It saves us from answering the enquiry: "Does TestWise support Sliverlight?". I had a look on Sliverlight before, my impression: complex and hard to test. The designers didn't leverage the success factors of Web(HTML): simple and "Power of Text" (a principle of the classic book: Pragmatic Programmer).

Update (2011-06-22): Wired magazine just published an article on future of Adobe Flash, one developer says "itxE2x80x99s dead in the water".