HP TouchPad marketing irony

By mark

Two days ago, I received a marketing email from HP with subject "Be the first to own the HP TouchPad". Inside, "Works Like Nothing Else", "Everybody on HP TouchPad", "There is nothing like it", you may still visit its web version on HP.

Guess how much how much could change in 2 days? Today, 2011-08-19, news come out that "HP will discontinue its TouchPad as well as its WebOS phones". I feel sorry for people who just bought it.

This is just another example of sales/marketing guys will sell you dying animals. It happens so common in our industry that whole project team suffers from some manager/architect's decision on a product (usually expensive), knowing there are much cheaper or free products out there are a lot better. I am sure these managers/architects won't do grocery like this (as that will be own money), he/she will try and pick up most value for money products.

My point in the context of testing, when choosing a testing tool/framework, try it out for a week, see how much effort for the team to learn and how it cope with application changes? This is common sense really, isn't it?