BuildWise 0.5 released

By mark

Recently I received some enquiries and feedback on Continuous Integration (CI). Even though, traditionally, testers have nothing to do with CI except in rare true agile projects. So I am happy to see that proactive and wise testers are pursuing a better working life with CI.

With BuildWise, an easy to use CI server with special catering for automated functional UI testing, testers can get on enjoying the benefits quickly. Here is a new screencast showing setting up BuildWise on Mac in minutes:

  • Install BuildWise (basically unzip and run)
  • Set up a new CI project in BuildWise
  • Trigger a build
  • See CI steps
    1. Check out source
    2. Database migration
    3. Unit testing
    4. Automated UI tests in Chrome Browser
  • View test scripts
  • View test results while test execution in progress
  • Export test report in Excel

There will be more screencasts (e.g. setting up on Windows) on BuildWise on the way, which can be found at Practical Web Test Automation book site.

BuildWise v0.5 is now available for download at the book site, please note windows users need get latest RubyShell v1.9.3 installed first.