Are Software Testing same as VCS, worst are most expensive ones?

By mark

Today I came cross to the Martin Fowler's Version Control Software Survey. Ironically, commercial and expensive VCS such as TFS and ClearCase are behind, correction, far far behind free ones such as Git and Subversion rated by thoughtworks consultants. Given the nature of version control software, it is hard to be critical against free good working ones, as they are widely approved by large software projects, why there are people still paying money for more problematic ones? Sounds crazy, but this happens all the time, remember old expensive J2EE containers, it turns out free Tomcat suits most projects, free and more stable.

This kind lack of common sense: prefer very expensive and useless rather than working and affordable happens to our testing world as well. Do you know projects who buy very expensive testing tools which generate unmaintainable test scripts, eventually left on shelves, I bet you do, as I heard all the time during testing conferences. But there is a hope, I see increasingly more testing job ads on Watir and Selenium.