TestWise IDE

Next Generation Functional Testing Tool

TestWise on Mac

Besides look and feel, TestWise Mac version has some differences from its Windows sibling:
  • Selenium 3 and Watir-WebDriver frameworks (with RSpec or Cucumber) are supported on Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • Less reliable: You will experience unexpected crashes due to an open-source GUI library (great one, just not fully ported to latest Mac OS yet) TestWise uses underneath. It is not optimal, but feedback has been good. So we release it out anyway for your needs. !

Download: TestWise-4.11.1-Mac.zip (supporting Mavericks, Instructions to run TestWise Mac on Yosemite and El Capitan)
TestWise subscription license works for both Mac and Windows versions.


1. Prerequisite:

2. Double click the zip file to uncompress, get TestWise App.

3. For Mac OS X 10.7 and later, Open System Preferences - Security & Privacy, enable applications downloaded from: Anywhere. (Common sense, you are responsible for any security changes. You may change the setting back after launched TestWise once)

4. Double click the TestWise App to launch