TestWise IDE

Next Generation Functional Testing Tool

Version 4.14.2
Windows 7+

Validate and reformat test scripts

Validate test scripts

The test script used in TestWise (RWebSpec or Watir) is based on powerful (and growing popular) scripting language: Ruby.

Click the ‘reformat’ toolbar icon on the toolbar,

Warning: Sometimes the error line number shown is not where actually the syntax error is, as an error on previous lines may be only detected on later ones.

If there is no errors in the current test script file, "Syntax OK" will be shown in the status bar.

Background syntax validation

TestWise does the syntax check in the background as well. If syntax errors detected, it would show "!" (in a yellow triangle). When you hover mouse over it, the line number and brief error displayed.

Note: Before a test executed, TestWise will try to save the script file and validate the script syntax (by default).

Reformat test scripts

Reformatting (or sometimes called: pretty printing) test scripts make them indent correctly, i.e., more readable.

Click the ‘reformat’ toolbar icon,