TestWise IDE

Next Generation Functional Testing Tool

Version 4.14.2
Windows 7+

3 Running Tests

3.1 Run test cases in a file

A test file may contain one or more test cases. There are three ways to run test cases in a test file.

3.1.1 From tool bar

3.1.2 From right mouse click context menu in project pane

3.1.3 From right mouse click context menu in editor

3.2 Run individual test case

This is probably the most used piece of function: just running individual test case.

3.2.1 From tool bar

3.2.2 From right mouse click context menu in editor

3.3 Run selected scripts

During development (of an automated test case), quite often

A temporary test file will be created to run selected test scripts using current browser.

3.4 Run all test cases in a folder

Sometimes it is easier to run all the tests under a folder, to do that, right mouse click and select “Run all in ‘…’”.

3.5 Test Suite

A Test Suite is a group of test cases in one or many specified test files.

To create a new test suite or edit existing one, select “Edit Configuration” in the dropdown list on toolbar.

3.6 Run tagged test cases

So far we have see running one test cases or test cases grouped by test files. With RSpec (and RWebSpec), you may run selected specific test cases across multiple test files.

Firstly, adds a tag ( a string) to your test cases.

When ready, click the 'Run the test cases with (or without) specific tag' button on the tool bar. Check the tag.

Here is a sample test output

3.7 Run against IE or Firefox

To run your (same) test against Firefox, it is simple, just click the Firefox icon on the toolbar, click run your tests. And vice veca if you want to run against IE.