Change Log v2

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2.5.3 (2012-05-18)

  • [Feature] Rename file updating currently opened editor as well
  • [Upgrade] Cucumber 1.2
  • [Fix] library: watir select_list().set => .select
  • [Update] Drop menu ‘use Windows XP Visual Style’, always set
  • [Feature] Add warning dialog when user change underlying test framework in project settings, thanks for Matti’s suggestion.
  • [Fix] Refactoring: wrong characters shown when parameter value is not set, thanks for Hoang for reporting this.


  • [Upgrade] RWebSpec 3.0.1, RWebSpec-WebDriver 0.3.7
  • [Enhancement] printing: a lot smaller font
  • [Update] include testwise recorder v1.4.8
  • [Fix] imagelistbox when @items is nil
  • [Update] remove scripts/execution_monitor from package (using BuildWise Agent)

2.5.1 (2012-05-02)

  • [Update] bundle Ruby 1.8.7p358 (some anti-virus false alarms on p352)
  • [Update] Increase maximum recent project to 10
  • [Feature] Auto-complete local functions
  • [Feature] press ‘uf’ snippet to list all functions
  • [Enhancement] Add snippets “attach_browser(:title)”

2.5 (2012-04-30)

  • [Upgrade] Watir 3
  • [Upgrade] RWebSpec 3
  • [Enhancement] Change debug text in tracing window to colour Blue
  • [Enhancement] Press Esc in tracing window will set focus in editor
  • [Enhancement] Updated RWebSpec API document
  • [Enhancement] Fixed broken links in F1 help file
  • [Enhancement] Replace window show replaced count and searching for beginning.
  • [Feature] Ctrl+Shift+M change camel case to underscore on current word
  • [Feature] Ctrl+Shift+U toggle case to underscore on current word


  • [Enhancement] F5 copy file in project tree dialog now centers
  • [Enhancement] Reveal in project will set focus on the project tree (not on the element through)
  • [Enhancement] Fixed trace window not scrolling to the last


  • [Revert] Ruby 1.8.7p352
  • [Enhancement] if project only have environment, pre-set environment
  • [Enhancement] Ctrl+Space works on Mac # accelerator
  • [Enhancement] Alt+0 refocus on the editor # basemainframe
  • [Enhancement] Esc on project tree will set focus on the editor
  • [Enhancement] Click file in project tree won’t focus on editor, only double click does


  • [Upgrade] Selenium 2.21
  • [Feature] Add syntax highlight friendly checkbox on new feature step dialog
  • [Enhancement] On Run Panel, display time in .00 precisions
  • [Enhancement] On Run Panel, display selected project env name not URL
  • [Enhancement] Center New feature step dialog


  • [Issue] Sometimes image of run panel cannot be displayed, repaint!!
  • [Change] Drop support for FireWatir
  • [Upgrade] Ruby interpreter 1.8.7p358
  • [Upgrade] Bundler 1.0.22,
  • [Upgrade] Cucumber 1.1.9, Selenium-WebDriver 2.20, RAutomation 0.7.1
  • [Upgrade] Recorder 1.4.7
  • [Upgrade] RwebSpec 2.2, RWebSpec-WebDriver 0.3.4
  • [Feature] Escape complete is based on how nearby
  • [Change] Testwise editor context menu ‘Refactoring’ -> ‘Refactor’
  • [Fixes] Exported Excel report printing only small section
  • [Fixes] Showing ‘Trailed copy” on title bar even for registered users
  • [Update] remove IE recorder link from start page.
  • [Update] Better output when running selenium capture screenshots
  • [Enhancement] Don’t load rwebspec on Mac/Linux platform


  • [Enhancement] auto complete feature steps using ???
  • [Enhancement] in dynamic editor, apply bundle syntax (keyword)
  • [Upgrade] selenium 2.11

2.3.7 (2012-02-05)

  • [Fixes] default to Firefox browser when create new Watir/Cucumber project
  • [Enhancement] make dropdown of create cucumber step file larger
  • [Fixes] move to root dir

2.3.6 (2012-01-28)

  • [Enhancement] show .csv, .xml, .erb files in project tree
  • [Enhancement] add testwise.properites to configure new file types to show in project tree
  • [Enhancement] add to set max display debug message length
  • [Fix] not reading full debug message
  • [Upgrade] Selenium-WebDriver 2.18

2.3.5 (2012-01-23)

  • [Fix] reload file changes in editor (regression with tailings)


  • [Feature] Indenting Cucumber Feature file
  • [Enhancement] remember caret positions and bundle name when switching editors
  • [Enhancement] don’t try to parse non-ruby files for method lookups (reload_structure)
  • [Enhancement] clear caret positions on status bars when there is no editors
  • [Upgrade] rwebspec 2.1, rwebspec-webdriver 0.3, selenium-webdriver 2.17
  • [Enhancement] Update default env.rb in cucumber projects to support running scenario outlines
  • [Fixes] Switch active editors will keep current bundle
  • [Fixes] Change bundle from status bar will apply lexer and syntax correctly=

2.3.3 (2012-01-07)

  • [Enhancement] Find result scrolling issue on resize (finally)
  • [Enhancement] Fixed not closing FindInPath dialog (now no reuse)
  • [Enhancement] in Feature steps file, Ctrl+B excludes not in test_helper.rb
  • [Enhancement] in RSpec tests, Ctrl+B excludes auto complete env’s functions
  • [Enhancement] don’t increment syntax check if there is complete dialog
  • [Fixes] Speed up find in project (assign high priority to thread)
  • [Enhancement] Skipping binary when search recursively in a directory as well.
  • [Fixes] Pathname error in findresultswindow

2.3.2 (2012-01-05)

  • [Enhancement] Search in projects is sent to background,
  • [Enhancement] Replace in projects is sent to background
  • [Fixes] Error when perform search in project on start page
  • [Fixes] Go to file in find results window: can’t navigate to page file
  • [Upgrade] Selenium-WebDriver 2.16

2.3.1 (2011-12-31)

  • [Feature] Auto-complete cucumber feature steps
  • [Upgrade] testwise-recorder 1.4.6
  • [Upgrade] RWebSpec and RWebSpec-WebDriver

2.3 (2011-12-20)

  • [Feature] Co-exists RSpec and Cucumber in the same test project, reuse page classes
  • [Fixes] Disable file monitoring as it may show duplications files under project tree
  • [Enhancement] New File dialog: highlight and focus file name
  • [Enhancement] Add warning for Watir projects clicking Firefox
  • [Upgrade] Cucumber 1.1.4, Selenium-WebDriver 2.15
  • [Fixes] on creating selenium-webdriver project, Chrome browser icon is disabled, open project is OK.
  • [Feature] Editor: Ctrl+A and Ctrl+E
  • [Feature] {Mac} Cucumber generate steps without colour
  • [Feature] Show error indicator on the line where cucumber feature failed on
  • [Fixes] typo in create feature steps menu
  • [Fixes] {Refactor-rename} start rename function reference, does not change page function definition
  • [Feature-TODO] show error line on cucumber feature
  • [Upgrade RWebSpec] try => try_until
  • [Enhancement] Detect different RWebSpec project loaded in the same instance of TestWise.

2.2.5 (2011-12-08)

  • [Enhancement] Extract method for Cucumber
  • [Enhancement] Move function to Helper for Cucumber


  • [Enhancement] Populate latest helper method in auto complete list
  • [Fixes] syntax error checking on creating undefined feature steps
  • [Enhancement] Special evaluation license
  • [Upgrade] selenium-rwebspec 0.1.15, selenium-webdriver 2.14


  • [Fixes] Unable to take Screenshot (overriding PATH in rspec_executor was the cause)
  • [Fixes] test report html where trace[0] check
  • [Update] recorder 1.4.5
  • [Update] rwebspec-webdriver 0.1.4
  • [Enhancement] in Selenium2/Watir, expect_page starts with same behaviour as in RWebSpec


  • [Upgrade] recorder 1.4.4
  • [Upgrade] selenium-webdriver-2.13, cucumber 1.1.3
  • [Enhancement] more stable launch TestWise after installation
  • [Fixes] executing ruby script file (not test case) OK if installed in path with spaces

h3 2.2.1

  • [Upgrade] recorder 1.4.1
  • [Upgrade] latest Cucumber and ffi
  • [Fixes] typo on start page

2.2 (2011-11-10)

  • [Feature] Auto-complete parent page methods
  • [Feature] Auto update the project structure on file changes in project directory: testwisemaincontroller: monitorprojectio_changes
  • [TextWise] now can run ruby script directly in TextWise
  • [Enhancement] Auto detect folder/change changes
  • [Upgrade] Watir 2.0.4, selenium-webdriver 2.0.10
  • [Remove] PopupHandlerDialog, use BuildWiseAgent instead

2.1.1 (2011-10-23)

  • [Upgrade] selenium-webdriver 2.9.1
  • [Upgrade] watir 2.0.3

2.1 (2011-10-18)

  • [Upgrade] RWebSpec 2.0, no preloading firewatir gem
  • [Fixes] Unable to run clicknowait in TestWise
  • [Fixes] Indenting on functions created from intention dialog
  • [Fixes] Fixes caching display page class function created from intention dialog
  • [Fixes] Fixes inserting order page class functions created from intention dialog
  • [Fixes] JavaScript Popup Dialog handling not working when TestWise installed under c:\Program File
  • [Fixes] Intention: create function with pure number argument value
  • [Enhancement] Handle paste from clipboard no narrowing dialogs: go to file, go to test case
  • [Enhancement] Show RWebSpec version in about dialog in debug mode
  • [Upgrade] rformspec 0.4
  • [Upgrade] selenium-webdriver 2.8 [Upgrade] cucumber-1.1.0, json_pure 1.6.1, xml-simple 1.1.1 [Internal Refactoring] create FileHelper with static file related methods

2.0.6 (2011-09-24)

  • [Fixes] New cucumber dry run appending notes as plain text, exclude them
  • [Enhancement] load cucumber gem on opening project or creating a new project, speed up execution and create feature steps
  • [Upgrade] Cucumber 1.0.6
  • [Upgrade] Recorder 1.4
  • [Upgrade] selenium-webdriver 2.7


  • [Fixes] Popuphandler when rubyshell not present
  • [Fixes] test suites not sorted
  • [Enhancements] refactored start page not using frames


  • [Enhancement] {Refactoring} extract function reformat newly generated function
  • [Enhancement] {Refactoring} extract function reformat method caller line
  • [Enhancement] {Refactoring} move caret to end of new function call after extract function
  • [Enhancement] {Upgrade} Watir 2.0.2
  • [Enhancement] {Upgrade} Selenium-webdriver 2.6
  • [Fixes] {Mac} not showing error line indicator as screenshot report template
  • [Enhancement] Run selected test scripts


  • [Enhancement] Source control diff dialog
  • [Enhancement] Diff style change, remove spacing, add background colour to line numbers
  • [Enhancement] Merge create cucumber feature step into one operation


  • [Fixes] {Refactoring} extract function to help file where there is methods defined
  • [Fixes] {Refactoring} move to after blocks

2.0.1 (2011-08-27)

  • [Feature] Cucumber running individual scenario
  • [Feature] {Mac} cheaper Mac license key
  • [Feature] Create a new feature file with default skeleton
  • [Feature] Cucumber feature file syntax validation
  • [Feature] Check cucumber feature syntax before running
  • [Feature] New cucumber icons for navigation and execution
  • [Fixes] when no step definition defined, tests are treated run OK
  • [Fixes] Stop cucumber execution
  • [Feature] Create all undefined steps in a new step file
  • [Fixes] {Mac} can recreate database if not exists
  • [Fixes] {Mac} very tall height in last_size
  • [Enhancement] running cucumber feature will save all step files
  • [Upgrade] selenium-webdriver 2.5
  • [Enhancement] {refactoring} don’t set parameters for selenium’s find by :name, :id

TestWise 2.0 (2011-08-18)

Feature Highlights

  • Selenium 2.0
  • Cucumber
  • Watir 2.0
  • New IE Recorder


  • [Feature] Run test in IE, Firefox and Chrome with selenium-webdriver
  • [Feature] Support loading Watir or Selenium 2.0 project based on project preference
  • [Feature] Project templates


  • [Feature] Syntax Highlight
  • [Feature] Run test (feature)
  • [Feature] Show scenario name in run panel
  • [Feature] Ctrl+B goes to declaration (from features to steps)
  • [Feature] Auto-complete page methods in step definitions
  • [Feature] Ctrl+Shift+T goes to test case
  • [Feature] Add Cucumber to project setting dialog
  • [Feature] Add Cucumber to new project dialog
  • [Feature] Add Cucumber project template
  • [Feature] Extract Page Refactor


  • [Enhancement] New Refactor engine
  • [Enhancement] Rename local variable - change scope parameters
  • [Enhancement] Rename local variable - not updating same text in quoted strings
  • [Enhancement] Rename local variable - remember current caret pos


  • [Enhancement] syntax highlight character differently from string
  • [Enhancement] No border for for editor panes
  • [Enhancement] No border for start page’s resource section
  • [Fixes] project preference dialog sunken border
  • [Fixes] Mac: crash report
  • [Enhancement] show screenshot path


  • [Feature] JIRA integration
  • [Feature] StoryWise: get requirement from StoryWise as as test case name
  • [Feature] StoryWise: show requirement via a link
  • [Enhancement] (Requirement) when no panes display, scroll to show current line
  • [Enhancement] (Requirement) only display insert test steps button if there are steps retrieved from StoryWise

Test Reporting

  • [Feature] Test reports includes screenshots
  • [Feature] Take screenshot when test fails (new setting)
  • [Feature] Web site monitor


  • [Enhancement] Standardlise page class in test project: AbstractPage on RSpec/Cucumber or Watir/WebDriver
  • [Enhancement] use yaml configuration, improve startup time
  • [Fix] Network proxy with password
  • [Feature] Go to line dialog accepts optional column (separate ,)
  • [Refactor] RENAME Global variables $ITEST_ to $TESTWISE_
  • [Updated] TestWise recorder 1.3.2 supports Firefox 6
  • [Upgrade] Xml library on Mac
  • [Enhancement] greatly improve test execution speed in TestWise
  • [Enhancement] using RAutomation to check whether TestWise is already running?
  • [Enhancement] Improve cucumber test execution time
  • [Enhancement] Creating project preset storywise url if ENV[STORYWISE_URL] is set
  • [Enhancement] Go to test case show test icon
  • [Enhancement] Go to page object show page icon
  • [Enhancement] close refactor preview on close projects
  • [Enhancement] indenting extracted method
  • [Enhancement] Recognize more Watir test scripts during parameter analyse
  • [Enhancement] Optimize the column width for parameter list in extract refactoring dialogs
  • [Enhancement] Add specific file icons for selectedtest
  • [Fixes] Check regular expression in featurestepfile
  • [Fixes] startpage loading syntax error on home page
  • [Fixes] Extract page: keep full parameter length, fixed parameter variable (truncated to 50) not matching declaration
  • [Fixes] RWebSpec abstractpage
  • [Fixes] Selenium 2 project templates: abstractpage, testhelper and newtest
  • [Fixes] Watir project templates: abstractpage, testhelper and newtest
  • [Fixes] Cucumber env to support TestWise chose browser
  • [Fixes] not marking error line for failed test in a newly created test project
  • [Fixes] opentest doesn’t activate TestWise 2.0, changed the way to activate
  • [Enhancement] More intelligent set big run panel height based on TestWise window size
  • [Enhancement] Swap run result and elapsed time column in run panel
  • [Fixes] RWebSpec bundle not including Ruby snippets

Source Control

  • [Feature] Add Git push to origin

Editor/Work with test scripts

  • [Feature] Show call tips to auto-completed helper functions
  • [Feature] Highlight call tip as user enter parameters (methods with more than one arguments)
  • [Enhancement] Must faster syntax validation
  • [Enhancement] Dynamically show line number (default on in TestWise)
  • [Enhancement] Dynamically show marker margin (default on in TestWise)
  • [Enhancement] Faster syntax validation on the fly


  • [Feature] Go to page dialog
  • [Feature] Find in Path - support find in select directory
  • [Feature] In find in project, pre-select finding in folder if a folder is currently selected
  • [Enhancement] Project configuration: reset template, add instructions


  • [Enhancement] Snippet now aware of indent
  • [Enhancement] tab to next stop is almost working
  • [Enhancement] expand snippet will set caret to the selection start (if the selection is a word)
  • [Enhancement] cancel current snippet if caret moved up/down/left/right

Mac specific

  • [Enhancement] Lion compatiablity
  • [Fixes] New File Dialog too small on Mac, and path separator
  • [Feature] New way of packaging
  • [Fixes] Statusbar now showing panel correctly
  • [Fixes] Run ruby scripts from context menu
  • [Fixes] Mac: clicking DockTaskIcon returns error
  • [Fixes] Mac: Extract Page the parameter list not proportional