Change Log Pre v1

1.0b27 (2008-11-24)

  • [Upgrade] rWebunit - support for clicking popup
  • [Enhancements] New Icons
  • [Fixes] Right click editor run single test might crash

1.0b26 (2008-11-20)

  • [Fixes] if text selected in editor, right click loses the selection
  • [Upgrade] rWebUnit
  • [Feature] Make the active run tab icon differently
  • [Enhancement] on creating a new file, relace space with ‘_’
  • [Enhancement] Icon update
  • [Enhancement] Bring back pin web back on toolbar
  • [Enhancement] Add close in right click context menu in editor
  • [Refactoring] Reset all editors

1.0b25 (2008-11-13)

  • [Feature] Sort stats
  • [Enhancements] Add go first, go last image button on snapshots
  • [Enhancements] remove active_editor
  • [Upgrade] rWebUnit 0.10.2
  • [Fixes] right click test file to run spec introduced in b24
  • [Fixes] Failed to show Snapshot label when running tests under a folder
  • [Fixes] Dump page option is not activated on start up, (dump_dir not set)

1.0b24 (2008-11-09)

  • [Upgrade] watir 1.6.2, Rake 0.8.3
  • [Upgrade] rWebUnit 0.10.1 (commented out popup)
  • [Upgrade] rest-client 0.8
  • [New] hoe, rubyforge
  • [Feature] Only support run with suffix _spec.rb, _test.rb, _cmd.rb via context menu
  • [Feature] Show different icons in project tree
  • [Feature] Create project skeleton
  • [Fixes] Find in files icon not found error
  • [Fixes] Close browser after creating new project failed

1.0b23 (2008-11-05)

  • [Fixes] change default browser selection from radio button to combo box
  • [Enhancements] Better choose current active edtior
  • [Enhancements] Show different icon for new file
  • [Enhancements] Display shortened test case name

1.0b22 (2008-11-02)

  • [Feature] Change auto-complete key binding Ctrl+Space => Ctrl+Shift+Space
  • [Feature] Upgrade to wxRuby 1.9.9
  • [Feature] Add project preference for default browser used for testing
  • [Feature] Fixed right click test output to copy text to clipboard

1.0b21 (2008-10-28)

  • [Feature] No by default, reuse browser window
  • [Fixes] Goto line not focusing

1.0b20 (2008-10-25)

  • [Feature] Export stats to a CSV file.
  • [Enhancement] Add UAT environment
  • [Fixes] not showing error dialog (log file name changed)

1.0b18 (2008-10-15)

  • [Feature] Create _test or _spec file with corresponding template
  • [Feature] Support test suite template. Project can use _spec or _test
  • [Feature] Editing Project name
  • [Feature] Launch ‘Project Settings’ in IDE settings dialog
  • [Feature] Clear environment does not work
  • [Feature] If not URL association to environment, remove from drop down list (currently needs to restart)
  • [Fixes] Checking for updates
  • [Fixes] About dialog display
  • [Fixes] Backspace braces
  • [Fixes] Link source line in test output not going to the line
  • [Enhancement] Show enter license dialog if no license key found
  • [Enhancement] Re-ogranized the sample tests


  • [Feature] Run specs in folder
  • [Fixes] tracing arrow is back


  • [Feature] More clever syntax aware indenting
  • [Feature] Deleting matching braces when press backspace and no char in two braces
  • [Enhancement] Major refacotring on editors, much faster closing editor session time
  • [Misc] Rename Go to behaviour to Go to test case
  • [Misc] Remove GotoBehaviourDialog

1.0b15 (2008-10-06)

  • [Feature] Proxy setting for HTTP Tester
  • [Enhancement] HTTP request tester support SOAP and post xml
  • [Enhancement] Add trust ca to settings
  • [Enhancement] using webservice stock as http request post sample

1.0b14 (2008-10-02)

  • [Feature] Drag file to folder
  • [Feature] User is able to rename file (TODO: rename dir, rename heading)
  • [Feature] Remember last caret position working on for the editor
  • [Feature] Delete project file via mouse right click
  • [New] rest-client gem
  • [Misc] Rename old REST Test Dialog to Test Http Request Dialog
  • [Fixes] Not going to the file in Find in files dialog where line numbers > 99
  • [Fixes] Loading last opened file but the file is already deleted from file system
  • [Enhancement] When go to a specific line, not always at the bottom

1.0b13 (2008-09-30)

  • [Fixes] Right click in editor set the caret
  • [Feature] Reset button on most of TestWise settings page
  • [Experimental] SOAP testing
  • [Misc] Rename application name iTest to TestWise

1.0b12 (2008-09-28)

  • [Feature] Save all modified files
  • [Feature] Remember the window size of last closing time
  • [Feature] Remember the last opened file
  • [Fixes] Ctrl+C does not work when copy to different editor
  • [Feature] Recorder: add right click to check asserttitle, asserttext_present
  • [Feature] {MAC} set dock icon
  • [Upgrade] rWebUnit 0.9.8
  • [Feature] {rWebUnit 0.9.8} remove sending duplicate trace

1.0b11 (2008-09-22)

  • [Fixes] iTest.exe can’t be invoked if installed to a folder containing spaces
  • [Fixes] Revert back to Ruby 1.8.6. p114 for stability
  • [Upgrade] rWebUnit 0.9.7

1.0b10 (2008-09-16)

  • [Enhancement] Added timeout for checking for updates
  • [Enhancement] code reformatting using mixin

v1.0b9 (2008-09-15)

  • [Feature] Synchronize the project, reflecting changes on file system like project files added/removed
  • [Feature] bookmarks to have indicator on screen, handle turn on/off bookmarks
  • [Feature] support drag and drop files to editor tab
  • [Feature] Show/hide white spaces
  • [Feature] Show/hide end of line
  • [Feature] Added debug method (in rWebUnit 0.9.6) for displaying text
  • [Fixes] Printing with blank box at the end of line.
  • [Fixes] High CPU usage
  • [Enhancements] using global variable to pass between rWebUnit and iTest
  • [Upgrade] Ruby 1.8.6 p287

v1.0b8 (2008-09-07)

  • [Feature] Trace execution: highlight the line (in xxx_spec.rb) being executed
  • [Feature] Show execution line in console log, 2:1 proportional
  • [Feature] Clear console output
  • [Feature] New tool bar (non-floating), add standard cut/copy/paste, undo/redo back
  • [Feature] Only allow one execution at a time
  • [Upgrade] Progress bar colouring working !!!!
  • [Upgrade] wxRuby 1.9.8, More stable
  • [New] http-access2 for SSL operations
  • [Enhancement] Rename Output pane to Console pane
  • [Feature] Convert selected string to underscore, ctrl+shirt+M
  • [Enhancement] Move IE specific settings to the bottom in iTest settings dialog
  • [Enhancement] Expand all items in project tree if total items < 36
  • [Enhancement] Close run tabs and status bar on closing projects
  • [Fixes] Rerun specs will reset progress bar
  • [Fixes] Desktop shortcut not working
  • [WorkAround] Crashes on Mac

v1.0b7 (2008-08-24)

  • [Feature] Double click READ on status bar make the file writable
  • [Feature] Check for updates for new releases
  • [Upgrade] ruby 1.8.6p114 with security fixes
  • [Upgrade] sqlite 3.6.1
  • [Upgrade] rwebunit 0.9.4
  • [Upgrade] firewatir 1.2.1
  • [Enhancement] Display number of failed tests on status line after “Done …”

v1.0b6 (2008-08-18)

  • [Feature] Right click spec file with popup menu to run tests
  • [Feature] Search next
  • [Feature] Search previous
  • [Feature] Add Undo/Redo, Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All to Menu
  • [Feature] Add overwrite indicator to status bar
  • [Feature] Add Read only indicator to status bar
  • [Feature] Project can have its own spec template or page template
  • [Feature] Right click file in project tree to run spec file and reformat code
  • [Feature] Basic bookmarks using Ctrl+Shift+1 to bookmark, Ctrl+1 to go to bookmark
  • [Enhancement] Right click folder (only not on files) in project tree to create new file
  • [Enhancement] using enum for listing constants
  • [Enhancement] Add search menu
  • [Enhancement] Change key shortcuts delimiter ‘-’ to ‘+’, like Ctrl-O to Ctrl+O
  • [Enhancement] Editor style with drop down arrow on the right
  • [Enhancement] New flash screen and logo
  • [Fixes] searching error when no editors open

Recorder Plugins

  • [Feature] Support Firefox 3
  • [Feature] Support right click context menu to copy recorded test scripts

v1.0b5 (2008-08-03)

  • [Upgrade] rWebunit
  • [Upgrade] firewatir 1.2
  • [Upgrade] win32-api 1.2, win32-file-state, windows-api, win32-api, windows-pr
  • [Upgrade] hoe 1.7
  • [Fixes] screenshot crashes on 1.0b3 - use ENV[‘HOME’] not ENV[‘USERPROFILE] on windows
  • [Enhancement] Better support for Mac
  • [Enhancement] Migrate to Git from SVN
  • [Fixes] Special characters in License.txt

v1.0b4 (2008-06-30)

  • [Upgrade] rubygem 1.2
  • [Upgrade] win32-api-1.1, win32-process-0.5.9, windows-pr
  • [Feature] Show/hide Version Control menu if project is version control by SVN
  • [Feature] New Subversion configuration in IDE Testing
  • [Feature] Subversion update the project (basic)
  • [Feature] Subversion revert the file (basic)
  • [Feature] Basic find in files: search and replace
  • [Enhancement] dump source option not remembered as project setting

v1.0b3 (2008-06-15)

  • [Upgrade]: Watir 1.5.6
  • [Upgrade]: rWebUnit 0.9.2
  • [Fixes]: Default target environment is not selected

v1.0b2 (2008-06-10)

  • [Upgrade]: sqlite3 3.5.8 (from 3.3.13)
  • [Upgrade]: windows-file gem
  • [Upgrade]: rwebunit 0.9 gem, support new syntax
  • [Upgrade]: RSpec 1.1.4
  • [Upgrade]: Sqlite-ruby 1.2.2 gem
  • [Upgrade]: ActiveRecord and ActiveSupport in Rails 2.1
  • [Setup]: Create desktop shortcut, include licence, and option to launch iTest after installation
  • [Testing]: Use rformunit functional test iTest itself.

v1.0b1 (2008-06-01)

  • [Feature]: outline spec, and expand all
  • [Feature]: printing, print preview
  • [Feature]: support colour printing, closely matching the screen
  • [Feature]: new about dialog: link to iTest web site.
  • [Feature]: Help: link to iTest web site.
  • [Feature]: Show/hide toolbar and status bar
  • [Feature]: Testing webservices dialog are modaless, and added indicator
  • [Feature]: sample REST amazon web services,
  • [Feature]: stack trace - link to all project files (_spec.rb and _page.rb)
  • [Feature]: icons for results and stats tab
  • [Feature]: added licence check
  • [Feature]: pop up showing methods in ruby files (as well as behaviours in spec files)
  • [Feature]: auto complete works properly now, narrowing as you type
  • [Feature]: show raw output of test run (as well as styled with html links)
  • [Feature]: view saved pages after running a test (if using Page idiom to design you specs)
  • [Feature]: show/hide line numbers
  • [Feature]: show/hide indentation guides
  • [Enhancement]: More accurately parsing the spec file
  • [Fixes]: Create a new project, unfriendly error
  • [Fixes]: Detect file changed outside, with local changes in iTest (just information dialog, save_modified dialog crashes)

v0.9 (2008-05-10)

  • [Feature]: Rewrite find/replace functions
  • [Feature]: Add zippy speed, no typing effect by default
  • [Feature]: Move typing speed setting in IDE settings, removed from toolbar.
  • [Feature]: Colourise error stack trace in the spec output
  • [Feature]: Navigate source in stack trace
  • [Feature]: Double click failed entry in run result list will navigate to the failed behaviour (start line)
  • [Feature]: Create new spec/link from stack source will focus on the editor (set_focus)
  • [Feature]: Use new goto_line dialog
  • [Feature]: New about dialog
  • [Feature]: Project exclude files or folders
  • [Upgrade]: Packaged Ruby 1.8.6 (111)
  • [Upgrade]: Watir 1.5.4
  • [Upgrade]: windows-process
  • [Enhancement]: Greatly reduce project loading time
  • [Enhancement]: Store the project file consistent way, sort environment alaphabetcially
  • [Enhancement]: Highlight page identity text on creating a new page
  • [Enhancement]: Added ‘standalone’ as another standard environment
  • [Enhancement]: Add tooltips for some setting fields
  • [Enhancement]: Show project name on window title bar (handle close project as well)


  • [Enhancement]: add MSVCP71.DLL
  • [Upgrade]: FireWatir 1.1.1


  • [Feature]: Enter ‘, “, (, [, }, appending matching braces
  • [Feature]: Ctrl + I show tool tip
  • [Feature]: Option to not showing browser during execution of web tests
  • [Enhancement]: Auto brace highlighting (todo: colourize not working)
  • [Enhancement]: Remove ‘()’ in auto complete methods
  • [Enhancement]: New look and feel (background, line number colour)
  • [Upgrade]: rubygems 1.1.1


  • [Feature]: Add a spin control to set operational delay (upgraded to rwebunit 0.8.7)
  • [Enhancement]: Using spin control instead of slider for page delay
  • [Enhancement]: Change text font in run panel output (courier, and bigger)
  • [Fixes]: RubyGems 1.1 partial update of subversion operation


  • [Feature]: Colorize the failure in stats table
  • [Feature]: Double click behaviours in spec table jumps to the line
  • [Enhancement]: Syntax colour changes: string => ‘green’, comments => ‘gray’
  • [Enhancement]: Default to stas tab in run panel
  • [Upgrade]: Upgrade to gem 1.1


  • [Feature]: Take screenshot using win32-screenshot gem
  • [Upgrade]: rwebunit
  • [Feature]: Add stats table
  • [Feature]: New and bigger toolbar icons
  • [Feature]: Loading last opened project on starting up if can
  • [Feature]: Basic auto complete (narrowing down, intellijgen caret not working yet)
  • [Enhancement]: Patches RSpec, Watir
  • [Enhancement]: Enlarge save modified dialog to make text visible.
  • [Enhancement]: Change caret colour to dark blue


  • [Feature]: Initial try of screen capture
  • [Feature]: Change big icon on the tool bar, reduce the drop down shadow look.
  • [Fixes]: Validate syntax before run as default
  • [Enhancement]: Bigger icons on toolbar
  • [Enhancement]: Small run tab icon


  • [Feature]: Turn off opening editors on loading project by default
  • [Feature]: Allow reopen project files on loading in IDE settings
  • [Feature]: Confirm exit dialog
  • [Feature]: Show tip dialog, add to setting
  • [Feature]: Load/save TestWise setting file
  • [Feature]: Ignore files is working now
  • [Feature]: Set default environment for the project
  • [Enhancement]: Show warning icon for validation error dialog
  • [Enhancement]: Refactor options using cattr
  • [Enhancement]: only load 3 projects files on start
  • [Enhancement]: Make regex font more readable


  • [Fixes]: After running a web test, start a new IE instance after close iTest (due to require rwebunit/web_testcase loaded)
  • [Upgrade]: rwebunit 0.8.5
  • [Fixes]: When test failed in before(:all), the thread ends, but iTest still show running in progress
  • [Fixes]: Standardlize behaviour name, ’ => “
  • [Enhancement]: Make toolbar Mac friendly


  • [Feature]: Capture closing window and save files/project before exit
  • [Feature]: Firefox: replace slow typing with setting value
  • [Fixes]: Open two files, reformat code to the second file, change the file editor
  • [Enhancement]: Major improvements on live templates, automatically select first paramemter, shall be faster as well
  • [Enhancement]: Only change text if reformatted code is not identical to the editor
  • [Enhancement]: Save project file after creating a new project
  • [Enhancement]: Save files/project before exit

v0.8.1 (2008-03-12)

  • [Feature]: Upgrade to wxRuby 1.9.5, fixed close run tab crash error
  • [Feature]: Add options to turn on/off validate syntax before running specs (default on)
  • [Feature]: use standard notebook control for run stats, enable close all tabs
  • [Feature]: Move iTest settings from toolbar to Tools -> Options
  • [Feature]: Add close all editors
  • [Enhancement]: Run ruby/spec to output show output pane properly now
  • [Enhancement]: Save modified dialog title
  • [Enhancement]: Using Alt-Left/Right to switching editors
  • [Fixes]: Handle unknown error for syntax validation
  • [Fixes]: Run Spec programs
  • [Fixes]: Not leaving browser open for individual behaviour run (regression error in rwebunit)

v0.8.0 (2008-03-08)

  • [Upgrade]: rwebunit 0.8.3
  • [Feature]: Can set slow typing speed when running in IE
  • [Feature]: Sliding page delay time
  • [Feature]: Run ruby program
  • [Feature]: Run spec to output
  • [Feature]: Clear output history
  • [Feature]: Terminate execution of spec
  • [Feature]: Rerun the same spec


  • [Feature]: Show indiviual run stats


  • [Feature]: Show progress when running tests
  • [Feature]: Show more running status


  • [Feature]: Generate page class name based on file, highlight the page text
  • [Setup]: generate free and professional edition


  • [Feature]: Find/replace

  • [Feature]: Change live template to load from xml file
  • [Feature]: Revert back to rspec 1.1.2 (which didn’t work well when running with line number option)


  • [Enhancement]: Change console output to logs
  • [Enhancement]: Remove too many “require ‘wx’”
  • [Enhancement]: Replace standard tool bar with two pane tool bars


  • [Fixes]: Minor fixes to file association (not working)


  • [Feature]: Leave browser open after run
  • [Feature]: Load project file on startup
  • [Fixes]: Handle project file not exists error
  • [Fixes]: Handle project files in workspace not exists error

v0.6.2 (2008-02-6)

  • [Feature]: Rewrite project setting dialog, support more environments
  • [Feature]: New IDE setting dialog
  • [Feature]: Remove edit configuration in combo box


  • [Enhancement]: Simpler way show/hide panes

0.6 (2008-02-04)

  • [Feature] Asynchronous update test results

v0.5.3 (2008-02-03)

  • [Feature]: Display * on editor tab if modified
  • [Feature]: Show modified dialog
  • [Feature]: Display filename in main window title
  • [Fixes]: Syntax check helper not updated using new validation method - load class


  • [Feature]: REST Web Service testing h5. v0.5.1
  • [Fixes]: addon - handle clicking links by id as well as by label
  • [Upgrade]: rwebunit 0.8.1
  • [Upgrade]: ci_reporter 1.5

v0.5 (2008-01-20)

  • [Feature]: Support running tests in Firefox
  • [Upgrade]: wxruby 1.9.4
  • [Upgrade]: rwebunit 0.8
  • [Upgrade]: rformUnit 0.2
  • [Upgrade]: RSpec 1.1.2
  • [Upgrade]: Rake 0.8
  • [Upgrade]: Gem 1.0.1
  • [Feature]: Implement own firefox plugin to record steps
  • [Feature]: Show recent files
  • [Enhancement]: Quicker syntax check (use load/instead of run ruby-c)
  • [Enhancement]: RSpec CommandLineRunner to run the spec
  • [Enhancement]: Highlight context name on creating a new spec
  • [Fixes]: Running spec on Mac not working at all
  • [Fixes]: Running spec loading error
  • [Fixes]: More robust error handling
  • [Fixes]: If not include firewatir return FireFox error even when running IE test
  • [Fixes]: After running the web spec, an IE window appear,

v0.5.0 pre (2007-12-22)

  • [Feature]: Support running tests either IE or Fireforx
  • [Feature]: Packaged FireWatir
  • [Fixes]: Type special characters like '(' crash narrowing selector_dialog

v0.4.2 (2007-12-19)

  • [Fixes]: Added -rubygems option to run spec, remove dependency on external setting

v0.4.1 (2007-12-16)

  • [Feature]: Run ruby code validation before running specs
  • [Enhancement]: More live templates
  • [Enhancement]: Can close file (issues with close file tabs)
  • [UI]: Change the logo to use png format, more clear now
  • [UI]: Remove cut, copy, paste from the toolbar as it not implemented, the the function works (always)
  • [Fixes]: Close editor tab won't cause display problems (remove_page issue in wxruby) - YES!
  • [Fixes]: Not move cursor the error line after validation (error text modified by program)
  • [Fixes]: Errors in opening project when user cancel

v0.4.0 (2007-12-13)

  • [Feature]: Highlight result result summary
  • [Feature]: Highlight stacktrace line
  • [Feature]: Syntax (ruby) check
  • [Feature]: Create a new folder in project pane via mouse right click, and now show empty folder
  • [Feature]: Rewrite new project dialog using of Xrc
  • [Feature]: Show project pane only when a project is opened
  • [Feature]: Show run output pane only when is running a spec
  • [Fixes]: Can run spec file without in a project
  • [Fixes]: Handling menu operations when project is not opened
  • [UI]: Change colour of newly created file

v0.3.9 (2007-12-08)

  • [Feature]: Merge duplicate-line with duplicate_selection

v0.3.8 (2007-12-06)

  • [Feature]: Added missing libeay32.dll library, which caused installation error on some machines
  • [Feature]: Added menu items for navigation/editing functions

v0.2 (2007-11-29)

  • [Feature]: Better navigation
  • [Enhancement]: More editing functions

v0.1 (2007-09-25)

  • [Feature]: Many basic functions, mainly to run the specs

rWebUnit first release on 2006-04-11