Flexible project management Tool supports requirement traceability, story card printing

Version 3.2

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StoryWise FAQs

StoryWise an open source, web-based project management, bug-tracking and test/release management tool. It is built on popular and reliable Redmine, add the following cool features:

  • Requirements Traceability
  • Release Management

Yes. StoryWise is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL), same as Redmine.

No. StoryWise supports test scripts in RSpec. As StoryWise is being free and open source, it may be extended to support another functional testing syntax and tool.

The graph is generated with Google Chart, i.e, enable your server Internet access, you should see graphs.

StoryWise is built on Redmine. You can find documentation, wiki and forum, in short, there is quite big and active community behind Redmine.

For traceability, story card printing and release management extensions, We don't offer support except for our customers.

StoryWise uses 15'x10' index card by default, to change that, you can modify the source code (the beauty of being free and open-source). Also you can custmize further (text font, box color,...).

If you are our customer with 'Wise Support' package, we can do customiztion for you.