Continuous Testing Server with Functional UI test execution in parallel

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BuildWise FAQ

BuildWise is an easy-to-use Continuous Testing Server. Without automated testing, especially fully end-to-end UI testing, frequent software releases (Agile, Devops) are not possible. UI test execution is long and automated UI test scripts are prone to changes, a continuous testing server can help that.

BuildWise is designed to be simple and have good integration with UI testing.

The common ones are CI servers, mostly used to build software and run unit tests, which are easier part of CI process. The most rewarding and challenging part of Agile (or DevOps) is to execute automated UI tests, as it is the only way to gurantee frequent and quality releases.

The fact is, very few IT professionals see execution of UI tests in CI servers. One reason is that Jenkins alike servers are not built for running UI tests, BuildWise is.

UI test scripts are independent from the underneath technologies software uses. We recommend automated test scripts written in scripting languages such Ruby, Python or Node.JS. BuildWise supports test execution of RSpec, Cucumber, Mocha, PyUnit and Gauge by default (RSpec is highly recommened).

Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Yes. BuildWise even goes further with Dynamic Build Process, providing users very quick feedback on test executions. BuildWise Agents is required for distributed test execution.

What you described is typical, just as Martin Fowler said in his classic CI paper. But it can be started simple (then gradually adding more integration steps), especially setting up a continuous testing server for automated functional tests. Check out our screencasts, it can be done in minutes.

BuildWise Continuous Testing server has a dual license model, like MySQL. A rule of thumb is that if you are installing BuildWise server for self-use, it is free. Commercial license is required only if you earn money for distributing BuildWise Server.

BuildWise is free and open-source, it provided as it is. We offer technical support and CI coaching to our customers with 'Wise Support' package.

If our understanding of 'Cloud Testing' like yours, BuildWise has the capability. Functional testing execution is fragile, an unexpected popup window could just enough ruin the test execution. It is important that customers have full control of the build machines, not black-box renting marketed by some 'cloud-testing' services.

Not really. In term of cost: hardware nowadays is quite cheap, US$500 can get you a decent machine without monitor. BuildWise server is free and BuildAgent is as low as $12/month (with renewal discount). Unless you are building next FaceBook or Twitter, the chance of your test execution time is in a matter of hours, which is very admirable. 4 agents can reduce 2 hours test execution time to around 35 minutes.

In terms of effort, setting up BuildWise is simple and quick, so is the BuildWise Agent. Of course, like any CI solution, it depends on nature of your application. Agile is in the process offering services on help customers setting up build farms based on independent and reliable PAAS vendor: Vultr (the only reputable hosting company offer Windows server VM, $56/month).

Finally, once your build farm is set up, it can be easily configured to support another project, the resource is fully reusable.

If you distribute BuildWise server (with other apps, commercial license is required. Contact our support.