TestWise Tips - Capture web pages from test execution

By mark

Quite often, testers/developers want to capture web pages from executing automated test cases. There are a number reasons (or benefits):

  • Manual Inspection / Verification
  • Capture application error text or stack traces
  • Check or looking for certain text (such as payment receipt number, then reconcile manually)
  • Auditing

By using TestWise, you can do it effortlessly if using Page Objects (ie. if you are new to it, please have a look at this paper)

1. Before test execution, open the preferences dialog box, enable the ‘Dump page sources while running the specs’

2. After test execution completes, the camera alike button will be available (bottom-left), Click it.

3. Here you can see text view of each page captured.

4. To get a better view of page, click ‘Open in browser’ button.