FaceBook UI Test Automation (Selenium WebDriver) + CI

By Zhimin Zhan

Today I found an excellent presentation  (YouTube linkon How Facebook do CI from F8 (Facebook Developer Conference), starting from 31". Katie Coons, software engineer at Facebook, says:

"No.1 goal of CI at Facebook is developer efficiency"

"The system must provide frequent feedback to developers. Because the sooner we let them know about a problem, the easier and faster it is for them to fix it"

"At Facebook, We have some of our top engineers working on development infrastructure  

"It is really important at Facebook I will never, as a developer, write code and toss over the fence and for someone else to write test for it. It is my job as a developer at Facebook to write tests for my code, and my reviewers make sure I do".

On Selenium WebDriver:

"For all of our end-to-end tests at Facebook we use WebDriver, WebDriver is an open-source JSON wired protocol, I encourage you all check it out if you haven't already. "

 One of the great advantages of WebDriver is that it gets applications cross all platforms. 

And these impressive FaceBook Build Farm.