Test Suites

Posted by on April 12, 2009| Comments
The term "Test Suite" in TestWise means a selected group of test files, this function (introduced since v1.2.2) gives you more controls over running tests, that is * individual test cases * all test cases in a test file * all test case in selected test files * all test cases in test files under selected folder To create a new test suite or edit existing one, select "Edit Configuration" in the dropdown list on toolbar. !/images/manual/toolbar_test_suite_edit.png! A window like this will show up to allow adding, removing or editing test suite. !/images/manual/test_suite_edit.png! To run a test suite, click the drop down list (in the toolbar) to select it, then click !/images/manual/toolbar_icon_run.png!. You might notice the "Run at line" button is disabled once a test suite is chosen, as it it not applicable. Select 'Current File' will enable it again. !/images/manual/test_suite_select.png! !/images/manual/test_suite_execution.png!
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